Digital transformation for a financial services provider

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Wesleyan Assurance

Project Brief

  • 01.Provide a powerful customer self-service portal
  • 02.Offer a single view of individual investments and out of hours support
  • 03.Provide a means of secure messaging between customers and financial advisors
  • 04.A means of supporting business growth through digital transformation

Project Deliverables

  • 01.Secure policy document repository

  • 02.A 10 fold growth in registered users within 3 years
  • 03.Upwards of 50,000 users actively managing their accounts on-line
  • 04.Integrated credit checking and payment processing
  • 05.A scalable framework for current and future digital transformation / growth projects
  • 06.User training
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Who are Wesleyan?

Wesleyan Assurance Society, a provider of financial products and tailored advice for a range of professional clients, such as doctors, GPs, dentists, teachers and lawyers, realised their digital offering didn’t align to their customers’ needs; being policies and services they could access simply, securely and instantly.

For Wesleyan, that meant shifting from traditional face-to-face financial consultations – inefficient in terms of time and travel – to a powerful new ‘self service’ portal designed with their customer in mind.

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The challenge – Introducing "My Wesleyan"

Their vision was a comprehensive website that offered a single view of individual investments and out of hours support that customers could easily access at a time that suited them.

Their existing website was essentially a holding site for brochure – lots of good descriptive information but not interactive enough for clients to manage their own policies 24/7. Getting this right was pivotal to the success of and growth of the business over the next five years.

As a team we brought together existing technology and off-the-shelf third party services to standardise it all on Oracle Middleware Stack.

Technical challenges included:


Creating a message framework to link systems together


Incorporating Oracle ADF with existing corporate website which had been written in .NET


Storage and manipulation of data for new quotations and policies


Seamlessly synchronising relevant client data to financial consultants via an offline tablet prior to a home visit

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Our approach – Highly complex services integration

Complex, customer-focussed integration is a Griffiths Waite specialism. And that’s exactly what Wesleyan needed: a strategic partner that could take responsibility for the overall solution, coordinate the systems architecture and integration for several applications and co-design with a front end digital agency to deliver an innovative and customer-led product that would enhance their profile.

"My Wesleyan", the name for the new customer portal, is one of the foundations of Wesleyan’s strategic programme.

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What we did - A customer friendly portal

Initially working from wireframes provided by the incumbent digital agency, we undertook the integration of MyWesleyan with internal legacy systems. The resultant transformed data was then made available, in a highly secure format, to the front end; thus ensuring a seamless experience for the end user.

Although our main focus was on integrating disparate legacy systems, our work also included:

Document policy system

Creating an interactive website meant making customer policy documents – usually large, rich PDFs – immediately available. We created a document policy system that beautifully visualised customers’ most relevant data in an easy to read report.

Highly secure messaging system

The framework provided a communications channel between a customer and their financial advisor for on-line chats and secure exchange of documents.

Technology Stack

  • Oracle SOA Suite
  • Oracle WebCenter Content

  • Oracle Service Bus

  • Oracle SOA Management Packs

  • Oracle WebLogic Server

  • Oracle Database

  • Oracle Coherence

  • Oracle ADF

Griffiths Waite's Wesleyan team.

The results - a framework for Wesleyan’s entire IT strategy

Delivered on time, on budget and to the ambitious project specifications, the project has been a critical success, not only delighting the business leads but also driving a significant uptake in registrations and providing the foundation for Wesleyan’s future multi-year IT programme and business growth plans.

Since the soft launch of MyWesleyan to 10,000 initial users, the platform has grown 10 fold, with ambitious exciting plans for, new phases, additional functionality such as selling ISA policies, integration with third party credit checking facilities.

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Extending the business layer further - one business layer hub, several complex spokes

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With the successful launch of My Wesleyan and the introduction of new CRM and point of sale solutions, the client shifted focus from external applications to the critical internal frameworks at the heart of the business.

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Wesleyan wanted to consolidate several existing policy administration systems into just two: Open Book, for all the new live products they sell, and Closed Book, for products that aren’t sold anymore but are actively managed by Wesleyan for their customers, which Wesleyan still maintained for current policy holders.

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In addition to building a central Oracle business service layer, we were the partner with full visibility of the overall work and coordinated how the layer could become a hub for different systems to integrate to, ensuring all data flowed correctly from one system to the next.

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As we continue working with Wesleyan, our role centres around putting the control back in the hands of customers, streamlining business processes and continually proving the value of SOA and visionary enterprise integration, project after project.

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What our clients thought...

I am very excited by the challenge that lies ahead. Wesleyan is committed to making a major step-change in the provision of online services for their client groups. I’m confident that we can develop and deliver an online strategy that will be market-leading and strongly appeal to Wesleyan’s core customers. Busy professional people who want to carry out their finance business online at a time that suits them.
DAVID CATTERALL Head of Online Business Development


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