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Our Undivided Attention

At GW, the team you meet with at pre-sales is the team you work with throughout. All of the knowledge we build up over years of close collaboration means we get to know your business and systems inside out. Nothing gets lost in translation. Nothing gets missed.

Having worked with key clients for years – and sometimes decades – we’re very clear about what successful projects and partnerships look like.


We are a team of design and technology experts that have worked together for years and provide project continuity far beyond go-live.


We are drilled in proven working practices, development standards and methodologies.


We operate dedicated project teams that understand each other’s strengths and roles within the team.


We translate business requirements into solutions that are loved by business users and IT alike.


We provide you flexibility, responsiveness and control over your own project.


Our undivided attention ensures your project goals and timelines are consistently met.

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How do you know we're right for you?

We specialise in ambitious and complex solutions that are strategically important for our clients’ businesses. Whether it’s an industry-disrupting customer portal or a radical overhaul of business processes to drive sales, we tackle the IT challenges that would strike fear into the hearts of many consultancies.

Although we work across different sectors and technologies, there are certain characteristics of successful GW clients:

  • 01.There is an digital strategy, whether On-premises, Cloud or Hybrid.
  • 02.There is a desire to embrace innovative technology to transform business performance.
  • 03.There is a desire for long-term strategic partner – not a quick fix or a last minute troubleshooting mission.
  • 04.An understanding that an experienced team of close-knit specialists will outperform a collection of individuals or freelancers.
  • 05.A want for a partner that is accountable for their work and takes a pride in supporting the long-term success of your project.
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Keeping you in control, always

The more ambitious the IT project, the more moving parts there are. And when things change, our clients need us to respond accordingly – whether that’s ramping up the pace to hit aggressive timelines or hitting pause on one work stream so all the pieces can fit together perfectly.

That’s why if you need to slow it down, pause or change the project direction, our flexible model can support that better than any one else. Being responsive and nimble means more than just moving quickly to tight timescales, it means being able to pull talented resource onto projects that need it in a way that works for your business.

That means that we work the way you need us to, not the other way around.

That means you are always in control of the project.

That means you never feel trapped in an unforgiving timescale with no wiggle room.

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Why our hybrid approach works

Most consultancies work exclusively on-site as that’s the way it’s always been done. GW does things a little differently.

In the main, we work from our Birmingham offices. The key advantage for our clients over traditional on-site working is that it enables us to consistently hit deadlines and stay flexible. Should a problem occur, the team on site has to tackle it, even if they’re never encountered that technical challenge before. However, with our office-based portfolio approach, we can pull in experts to troubleshoot a project and allocate resource based on project timescales.

During all phases of the project representatives from our clients’ project team [both technical and business] will be invited to our offices to work right alongside us. By not being on-site exclusively enables our team to work to your pace and budgets – should one aspect of your project pause, you’re not paying for a team of idle consultants. Instead, we can reallocate to other tasks and reprioritise.

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Preserve your intellectual property and maximize your competitive advantage

Our experience shows that innovative solutions provide our clients’ with a competitive edge. Unlike our competitors, we don’t repurpose your code for our other clients; instead we hand over everything you need: all source code, design blueprints, testing scripts and extensive project documentation, thus preserving your valuable intellectual property.

Working with GW gives you the best of both worlds: we are like having your own R&D, innovation and delivery experts in house – that’s our undivided attention

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"A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players."

Steve Jobs - Apple

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