Innovating one of Europe’s biggest e-commerce systems

(and winning an Oracle Global Innovation of the Year Award for it)

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Project Brief

  • 01.To replace decaying legacy systems with sustainable alternatives
  • 02.To support 50% increase of stock levels over the next 3 years
  • 03.Implementation of a remarketing business process and supporting rules that is flexible to change as the stock levels, market performance and site traffic changes.
  • 04.To facilitate the integration of a best in class E-commerce website that would be integrated directly into the adaptive remarketing business process.
  • 05.To fit in with the Enterprise Architecture to support ongoing refresh of legacy IT systems and the definition of a business focused framework of services that can adapt as the business model changes
  • 06.To support more innovative marketing of vehicles to new channels including b2b ad b2c.

Project Deliverables

  • 01.The solution facilitated a record day of car sales on the first day of going live
  • 02.Better visibility into the pipeline / market behaviour and remarketing performance through the metrics and dashboards presented by BAM.
  • 03.The solution is supporting additional 50% increase in stock levels and increased margins on the sales of the vehicles.
  • 04.5% more cars are being sold online as opposed to through the call Centre which translates directly to bottom line benefits
  • 05.Changing the culture form adhoc management reporting on transactional system to alert driven business monitoring.
  • 06.The solution is UK and Ireland based with 8,000 dealers and a Motability Sales team of 100 having access to the site, supporting 1000 + concurrent users.
  • 07.20 supervisors, managers and executives make decisions based on BAM Dashboards.
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Who are Motability?

Motability Operations is a not-for-profit company that runs the Motability Car Scheme that enables disabled people in the UK to use their mobility allowances to lease an adapted vehicle to support them.

As the largest second hand car dealership in Europe and with the second largest car fleet in the world behind the Chinese army (with stocks that amounted to 12% of the used car market in the UK), Motability’s decaying legacy systems for remarketing their cars badly needed innovating. They wanted to introduce a new, world class e-commerce system for remarketing used cars which was more efficient, flexible and future-proofed, one that would help the company make the most of their already competitive position.

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The challenge - a high-profile, strategic and complex integration project

After a less than successful integration project at the hands of an offshore company Motability Operations were introduced to GW. Our team troubleshooted the project and successfully turned it around in a few months. This first engagement kickstarted a larger programme of strategic work and multi-year relationship with Motability.

Motability wanted a best in class e-commerce website that not only integrated with critical business processes that helped them to market to new B2B and B2C audiences, but also supported an on-going refresh of strategic IT systems that could adapt as the business model changed. This integration layer had to support business growth and peaks in sales all the while enhancing sales performance.

From a technical standpoint, this ambitious new system had to:


Handle large data volumes, peaking at 1 million SOA transactions per day


Replace manual daily sales reports with real-time information and reporting to enhance sales performance and improve the dealer experience


Facilitate the sale of 145,000 used cars every year through a network of around 5,000 dealers


Support a projected 50% increase in stock levels over the next 3 years


Support extensive nation-wide rollout

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Our approach - making technology the backbone of their business

As with most of our clients, technology is the backbone to their business. It’s more than improving efficiency, customer satisfaction and the bottom line – our ambitious and innovative solutions are absolutely business critical.

Our approach to this high profile strategic project had four key areas of focus:

The key challenges were architectural rather than technical. This involved overhauling the process architecture, designing a solution that works within constraints of existing legacy estate while future-proofing it and restructuring current integrations as services.

The commercial focus of this solution set the SOA implement apart. Mapping services directly to business processes and rules ensured it was exactly what Motability needed to succeed.

Every step of the way we collaborated with the client and global delivery partners in the UK, India and Canada, including marrying our enterprise integration expertise with ElasticPath’s e-commerce specialism.

With several delivery partners, a complex estate, aggressive timescales and an ambitious vision, we worked in an agile fashion from the offset, with several business and test involvements throughout.

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What we did - thousands of users, hundreds of thousand of cars, millions of transactions – all in one system

The resultant platform became Motability’s foundation for the future. Our highly flexible leasing platform made every part of the customers’ journey of leasing and used car remarketing more efficient and intuitive for both Motability and its customers.

This 24/7 responsive e-commerce system not only improved the entire remarketing cycle but integrated directly into a more flexible business process that could adapt to stock levels, market performance and site traffic changes.

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Vastly Improved Visibility

Live feeds from the e-commerce system give visual maps of exactly where vehicles are in the lease / sales cycle.

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Real-Time Information & Reporting

Driving sales teams, targets and call centres

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End-To-End Monitoring

Of each car in the remarketing process, driving transparency and efficiency.

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Accelerated Publishing Times

Instead of waiting to upload a car onto the system for overnight processing, we moved to an immediate upload before the dealers started work in the morning, making sales significantly more effective

This accelerated car publishing process ensured dealers were able to start selling vehicles as soon as they arrived in the morning; as such the system was deemed an immediate success when it …

Hit the ground running

On Day One, the platform supported record-breaking car sales of more than 700

Supported record-breaking

The flexible and resilient platform handles peaks in transactions around biannual number plate change, with 1,000 service interactions per hour rising to 4,000 per hour at peak times

Improved customer and dealer experience

Streamlining all of the critical remarketing processes helped call centre staff run targeted promoted, improved response time for dealers and helped customers to make decisions quicker

Technology Used

  • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
  • Oracle SOA Suite
  • Oracle Service Bus
  • Oracle SOA Management Packs
  • Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Oracle Enterprise Repository
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle RAC
  • Oracle Coherence
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The results – a record-breaking, award-winning solution

This project was the most successful IT project Motability has ever had – A fact recognised on two separate occasions as GW won a Global Innovation of the Year Award in 2012 and Motability’s Business Partner of the Year for it.

From day one of going live, the solution had immediate business impact across all areas of the business. By improving visibility into stock levels, sales performance, future pipeline, market behaviour and transforming the dealer and customer experience, the solution is responsible for a 5% increase in online sales (as opposed to through the call centre), which translate directly to bottom line benefits.

Motability has recognised that our work not only delivered business benefits but also has been the catalyst for their long-term strategy for innovation and sustainability

Motability’s business team were nervous about future ambitious integration projects having been let down by the “offshore” model in the past. GW worked closely with Motability as true partners and delivered a solution that did more than they ever thought possible.

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What our clients thought...

Griffiths Waite's directors Mark Waite and Ian Heathcock receiving their Supplier of the Year award from BBC's Huw Edwards.
We have a very good relationship with Griffiths Waite and had worked with the company in the past. They are a fantastic partner, and we recently granted the company a commended award for Business Partner during our Annual Supplier Awards.
Stephen Curry - Solution Architect
Griffiths Waite should be particularly proud of their achievement—judges commended their hard work and great results.
Mike Betts - Chief Executive
Griffiths Waite works with us on-site as part of our team, which is a really good way of working for us. The implementation went very smoothly.
Stephen Curry - Solution Architect


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